Let's Draw Goths - Coloring Book

Let's Draw Goths - Coloring Book

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Created by Ben Walker-Storey and featured in the NIGHT FLIGHT SLUMBER PARTY video podcast!

  • 63 pages, 30 different images to color (or blacken).

  • Each page has a blank back so markers won't bleed through and ruin your artwork.

This paperback book is a colorable collection of death rockers, batcavers, 80s progressives... goths! doing what goths do best: hanging out alone in their bedrooms, going out to nightclubs, lurking in graveyards, you know, fun stuff!

Illustrator Ben Walker-Storey's book depicts every day people, living their best lives while draped in the finest velvet, leather and ripped fishnets. It shows some lonely moments, happy moments, goofy moments. The Let's Draw Goths Coloring Book is meant to be a peek into the shockingly inclusive, fun-loving (even gentle) nature of the people involved in this subculture. Too many cool people “modeled” to list here. Check out the “Thanks” page in the book!