Billy Idol - Night Flight Interview

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Billy Idol talks to interviewer Lisa Robinson in this candid 1984 interview about the evolution of his sound, why he doesn't consider himself a rock star, and the punk scene.

Track Listing

  • Night Flight Theme
  • Do people expect rock stars to be outrageous?
  • Did you always want to be a rock star?
  • Fighting the flabbiness of the music business
  • What happened to the punk scene?
  • Punk rock isn't meant to last
  • The British scene
  • Creative autonomy
  • Evolving in the '80s
  • "I want to sing like Billy Idol"
  • Being a social person
  • "I ain't a rock star"
  • Rock and roll goes beyond musicianship
  • Who were you before you became Billy Idol'
  • Walking down the streets of New York City
  • Violence in Music Videos
  • Hypocrisy in America
  • What would you have done if you hadn't become a rock star?
  • The audience goes wild!
  • Apologizing for success
  • The perversion of punk
  • Eyes Without A Face