Wendy O. Williams - Night Flight Interview

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Wendy O. Williams sat down with Night Flight's Al Bandiero in July 1984 to discuss her solo album, writing with Kiss, insane music video stunts and being a Motörhead fan. "I'm an adrenaline freak!"

Track Listing

  • Night Flight Theme
  • "I'm the same woman I've always been"
  • How different is your off-stage image'
  • Working with Gene Simmons
  • Finding new band members after Plasmatics
  • Working with Producer Dieter Dierks
  • Working with Engineer Michael Wagener
  • "Lemmy's a vodka freak"
  • The first Wendy O. Williams album
  • Writing "It's My Life" with Paul and Gene
  • Writing "Bump 'n' Grind" with Ace Frehley
  • "There should be camaraderie in rock"
  • Paul Stanley's contributions to "Ready To Rock"
  • Writing and touring with Kiss
  • "Making records feels good"
  • What's the difference between a female and male rocker'
  • "I'm a music stylist"
  • Why heavy metal'
  • "We're sick of corporate rock"
  • Passport Records and their briefcase of cash
  • The "It's My Life" Video
  • Are you scared during the stunts in your videos'
  • Preparing for the plane stunt
  • Is there anything you fear'
  • Do you view yourself as a role model for young women in rock'
  • Wrestling and dominant women
  • Using wrestling moves in real life
  • Who are your influences'
  • Who did your tattoos'
  • "People want music with teeth"
  • Being a Motörhead fan
  • Changing your sound with "It's My Life"
  • How important is commercial success to you'
  • Going back on the road
  • "Only Night Flight plays heavy metal!"